TM Sillerias new collection 2016

In this new post we will talk about TM Sillerias new models 2016 . DISCOVER THEM!!   As it was expected with the new year, we introduce new models of chairs, armchairs, sofá-beds, stools…For all tastes, need and budgets. this collection will be ready next in our online catalogue, although they are available for sale.

We started 2019 talking about contract furniture trends that are going to mark this year in the contract sector. The terrazzo, marble, and natural stones with marbled and different textures are the protagonists in this season and as such, marked in the spaces a before and after thanks to the large format plates used for

At TM Sillerias we are very proud of being committed to Quality, Environment and Ecodesign. In this way we inform you of the obtaining of these three certificates which will make us grow and improve continuously to guarantee that all our clients are satisfied with the TM Sillerias products. Being faithful to the parameters that

Hosteltur suppliers interview TM Sillerías

From Hosteltur suppliers we are given the possibility to interview the manager of TM Sillerias, Juan José Marco Hernández. Seeing us always a great opportunity in which to get to know more in depth in the hospitality sector showing the vision and mission of TM Sillerias. All this through questions from Hosteltur in which we

Vintage Furniture from TM Sillerias in tv show Velvet Collection Last September 22nd was launched Velvet collection in Movistar +. This fiction, standed by Marta Hazas, Imanol Arias and Asier Etxeandia among others, has landed with a good step in the Spanish homes televisions, becoming the one with more audience in Movistar +. Bambu producciones launched

Hospitality Furniture in Contract sector

Personalize your contract hospitality furniture Hospitality Furniture for contract should be more resistent than home Furniture, besides has to accomplish other aspects like quality and budget. At TM Sillerias also offer the chance to personalize the romos designing bedside tables, headboards, tables, desks and so on. Hospitality Furniture in contract sector has as an aim

New catalogue contract furniture TM Sillerias 2017/2018 Expected and long-awaited by all our customers, and the new contract furniture catalogue TM Sillerias 2017/2018 arrives with a wide range of new products and including renewed star products that accompany us since the previous catalogue. The contract furniture catalogue that we are sure is not going to

Design headboards

Design headboards in hotels One of the key items is the headboard that will mark the difference in any contract project. On each hotel room where we stay we will find different type of headboards, from the most modern and minimalist until the more classical with decorative lines, passing through the walls or panels with

Vintage style star armchair

Do you know our vintage style armchair 8288? This time we are going to talk about armchair 8288 (TM Sillerias reference number). This star armchair vintage style, is mainly the best product valued from our customers among a big range of products. We can say it has important features, the most important one is the aesthetics.